Fuerteventura Music Festival (FEM)

What is Fuerteventura in Music?.

This event is a music festival that takes place on La Concha beach, in El Cotillo, municipality of La Oliva, the month of July is the date chosen for this display of music.

Undoubtedly one of the main attractions of this festival is its location, the beautiful La Concha beach, a heavenly place where a large stage is installed on the beach sand.

This festival usually lasts 2 days and both in part of the day and especially at night there are a large number of singers and music groups offering their songs to the public, the schedule of performances is usually from 20:00 in the afternoon to  approximately 0400 in the morning, you can check the program to see the schedule in which each musical group performs.

Music of Fuerteventura in Music.

Note that this event has given importance at the time to ethnic, multicultural or African-rooted rhythms, in recent editions it continues along this line although it also makes an important commitment to local and national talent as a priority, although there is always great number of foreign participants on the billboard.

The DJs also have a leading role in this Festival, they take on many of the festival’s performance hours, delighting the attendees with their mixes of the best dance music.

Here is a sample of some of the participants in the 2019 Fuerteventura in Music card:

Sirinoque Folk

Kyekyeky & Ghanalogue

Wizard of Oz

Natty jean

Ghetto Kumbé

Non Trubada

Tin Can

London Afrobeat

The neighbors of the Alley

Sexy Chocolate


DJ Meneo

DJ Benas

El Cotillo and Fuerteventura in Music.

El Cotillo is a small town located in the Northeast point of Fuerteventura, it is usually a quiet and sparsely populated town, in recent years they have built some hotels and buildings but it is still famous for its tranquility, in addition to its incredible beaches, Fuerteventura en Música is an important opportunity to energize the town and help its local economy and businesses, thanks to the large number of visitors who come to the event.

The event takes into account that El Cotillo is somewhat far away and that is why it offers a special public transport service to respond to the large number of visitors who do not have their own vehicle, we leave you a sample of the schedule in 2019, ask for information for this year.

Fuerteventura in Music cares for the environment.

Another aspect to highlight in Fuerteventura in Music is its commitment to the environment, trying to protect as much as possible the beautiful place where the festival is held, for this there are some reference guides for the behavior of the attendees, with some rules basic that help to give an example that how to have fun and at the same time protect the environment, here is a sample of these tips.

This music festival has to be part of your agenda, you cannot miss it, you will have guaranteed fun, see you at Fuerteventura en Música.