Beach Party in Fuerteventura

The Beach Party in Caleta de Fuste.

The Beach Party in Fuerteventura is a free event in which you can enjoy Caleta de Fuste Beach for several days at the end of July.

How do I get to the Beach Party in Fuerteventura?

Caleta de Fuste has a wide beach where this famous beach party is held, a large stage is installed on the sand where you can see a range of musical talent.

This tourist area of ​​Caleta de Fuste, is located 15/12 kilometers south of the Capital and the airport, it is very easy to get to on the FV-2 road, you can easily get to Caleta de Fuste in your own car, by taxi It has a wide schedule of services or by bus (guagua) this public transport service has a wide schedule both for the north and for the south of the island and especially for the festival they extend the hours until late at night , the organization has extended hours for consultation.

A free festival on the beach for youth and adults.

Concert or music festival on the beach, this is a long-awaited date for the local youth of the island of Fuerteventura, along with tourists, who do not miss this musical event with a wide list of groups of all kinds.

What awaits you at the Beach Party in Fuerteventura.

The party usually lasts two days, during the morning you can find games and activities for the youngest members of the family, during the afternoon-evening the musical performances begin and end at dawn with the DJs.

The beach setting will be surrounded by mobile bars with small terraces on the sand where you can enjoy all kinds of drinks and meals.

To give you an example,  the year 2019 the following groups were enjoyed:

Friday 26,

Adrian Rodríguez, Post Code, Rock History, Tribute to Rolling Stones (By Gas Gas) and Playacoco

Saturday 27,

Abraham García, DCS, OBS (Best of the Caribbean), Disco Sunshine Band, Los Lola, Bob Marley Forever (Bob Marley Tribute).

At the end of the performances of the musical groups you can continue enjoying and dancing to the rhythm of the invited DJs,

Abian Reyes, Vamos and Liamos, Joe Valdivia and Drew.

Beach Party for the little ones.

The first part of the day is dedicated to children who will have a large number of activities on the beach completely free of charge.

A children’s party in which both younger tourists and local children can enjoy a large number of activities such as craft workshops, bouncy castles, foam cannon, races, tournaments, games and a large number of other activities that they will use a lot of energy and have a great time.

All these activities will be done in the sand on the beach, surely for the children who visit us from Europe it will be very different and fun for them to have a beach party.