Youth Week – (La Semana de la Juventud)

Youth Week party in Gran Tarajal

What is and how long is Youth week? 

The Youth Week festivities take place in the town of Gran Tarajal during the month of August and last approximately 10 days, it is the summer event par excellence for local youngsters, it has an Organizing Commission made up of 27 young people aged between 15 and 30 years. 

These festivals have a history of more than 44 years in the municipality of Tuineje and for three weeks, the town of Gran Tarajal will be the epicenter of a multitude of activities for people of all ages. 

The political representatives of this event say, “The important part of this edition is the youngsters, we listen to their needs and we support them in these three weeks full of activities designed for all ages.” 

Activities of  Youth Week. 

The events of the Youth Week begin with the traditional “Subida al Repetidor” race, a night Trail that has more and more participants. This test has a starting gun on the beach of Gran Tarajal and represents the first activity of the Week. 

Workshops, sports competitions, beach games, informative talks, costume festival, soccer between single and married women, and the traditional cholimpiadas, are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed these days, most of these events are done on the beach and on the maritime avenue. 

There are many events this week but without a doubt “Las Cholimpiadas del Mundo” has become one of the most massive events of the week. The crossing to Nado, the Pop Rock and Blues Festival, Cinema, the Special Day, the election of Miss and Mister Week etc., are some of the most important events without forgetting the sports part, soccer, Canarian bowls , swimming, racing etc. 

Music and concerts in  Youth Week. 

Some acts are Pop Night, which have been attended by groups such as Guineo Colectivo and Sentimiento con Arte, which are held at the end of August 

Also at the end of August the Summer Sound Festival 2019 will take place with some performances in previous editions such as Ariann, Vamos y la liamos, La Sonrisa del Guirre, Los 600, Mejor con copas, Eme & Withard and Pedro Cabrera. This is a concert that takes place on the sand of the Gran Tarajal beach with a large influx of public. 

Map of the Town of Gran Tarajal

This is the town of Gran Tarajal where these fantastic and fun Youth Week parties are held

Who organizes these Gran Tarajal festivals? 

It should be noted the wide program of activities designed by the Department of Celebrations of the Tuineje City Council in collaboration with the Youth Week Commission. It should be noted that the Cabildo supports the XLIII Gran Tarajal Youth Week with more than 10,000 euros 

Within the framework of the Gran Tarajal Youth Week, it is planned that the International Labor Camp will be launched during the month of August. A total of 20 young people from various corners of the world can attend this initiative; they will go to the municipality of Tuineje with one objective: “Their mission will be to collaborate in the organization and participate in the development of some workshops that we bring your customs and traditions closer. Young people come from all over the world, countries as diverse as China, Armenia, Germany, Holland and England, as well as Spain attract these young people to enjoy this experience and unforgettable experiences. 

Here is the link to the Gran Tarajal Youth Week Facebook page 

Those interested in participating in any of the events or simply to help in the organization can go to the House of Culture of Gran Tarajal or call 928 162449. 

World Cup windsurf & kitesurf Fuerteventura

World Cup windsurf & kitesurf in Sotavento Fuerteventura 

The waters of Fuerteventura have the privilege of having one of the best racing spots in the world. During the month of July this great sporting event begins in Fuerteventura, this month is one of the best due to the strong winds that hit Sotavento beach. 

Here are some figures that will give you an idea of the great impact of this event worldwide, it has a following of more than 140 million viewers on television, more than 15 million readers in sports and specialized publications and to finish more than 30 million internet users who are interested in this event on the beaches of Fuerteventura. 

What is the Windsurf and Kitesurf World Championship like? 

The best Windsurf and Kitesurf athletes meet on the Sotavento beach, this is a must in the world championship with more than 30 years in which the beach of Sotavento is chosen so that the best in the world compete in its waters . 

Windsurf and Kitesurf disciplines in Fuerteventura. 

Some of the disciplines of the competition in this championship, the tests are divided into masculine, feminine and infantile; 

   Kitesurf Strapless Freestyle 

   Kitesurf Big Air 


   PWA Freestyle windsurfing 


Without a doubt, both Slalom and Freestyle and Kitesurfing          events find the beach of Sotavento in Fuerteventura the ideal  conditions, one of the best in the world, for practicing it in the crystal clear blue waters that give this spot a paradisiacal image . 

The conditions of this spot are highly valued for its winds that are strong and gusty, similar to places like Tarifa, this delights the most expert competitors in the world in these disciplines, on the other hand it is the perfect place for a Windsurf school and Kitesurfing where you can learn this exciting sport. 

Map of where the championship events are held

Here you have a map of the area where the championship is held (Sotavento beach in Jandia), the beach, next to the hotel (Hotel Meliá Fuerteventura) and the party area (La Carpa).

The Championship Party, La Carpa. 

It should be noted that this event is not only famous for the Windsurf and Kitesurf competition, but also for the parties that are held when the competitions end and night falls, countless people gather in the Beach Tent where there is a great show of music and fun that no one wants to miss, a gathering of young people of all nationalities who merge with the local youths, everyone enjoys a magical atmosphere on the beach between drinks and the best music. 

Who is organizing this event? 

The Windsurfing and Kitesurfing World Championship held on the beach of Sotavento, in Fuerteventura, has an excellent organization, it has always been praised by both competition participants and the general public, all this responsibility falls on the City Council of Pájara and the company René Egli by Meliá and has the invaluable collaboration of the Cabildo de Fuerteventura, no less important to make this event a reality is the sponsorship of Meliá Fuerteventura and Padilla Supermercados Spar, thanks to  all of them for their efforts to ensure that this world championship improves  every year. 

Do not miss the next round of the championship, check the event program at your hotel or at the tourist information offices, you can also visit the official website of the World Cup windsurf & kitesurf Fuerteventura 

Triathlon Ocean Lava in Fuerteventura

Olympic Distance.

There are many editions of the “Ocean Lava Olympic Distance Triathlon Fuerteventura” that takes place over the month of October in the capital of the island of Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario

Founder of Ocean Lava.

Kenneth Gasque is the founder of the company «Ocean Lava» that takes over the management of this event and many others, we invite you to visit its website, Ocean Lava.

What is Ocean Lava like?.

This Olympic Distance test has the following parts:

1º A swimming test with a distance of 1.5 km.

2º A bicycle test with a distance of 40 km.

3º A race test with a distance of 10 km.

The first part of the test, which consists of a 1.5 kilometer swim in the sea, starts and ends at Los Pozos beach in the island’s capital of Fuerteventura. buoys that mark the course for swimmers in which they complete the required distance.

The second part of the test, which consists of a 40-kilometer bicycle route, has its start and finish in a conditioned area in the middle of the avenue, just in front of the beach Los Pozos, consisting of a closed park with all the athletes bicycles

The third part of this test, which consists of a 10-kilometer race route, starts and ends at the maritime avenue, a route inside the capital where athletes can complete the required distance to reach the finish line. 

 To expand this information we leave the link to its official website where you will find extensive information about this event.

Ocean Lava Triathlon Fuerteventura

Night of San Juan in Fuerteventura

The Night of San Juan in Fuerteventura.

The feast of the Night of San Juan is celebrated at the end of June, when the summer solstice arrives, the celebration of this well-known and traditional festival is a must.

Where is the feast of Saint Juan celebrated?.

On the island of Fuerteventura there are some towns that celebrate these holidays with special events, such as Pozo Negro, which usually has an extensive program for several days, these are the towns where they usually celebrate these holidays each year with a wide repertoire activities for several days, we highlight, Pozo Negro, El Matorral, Tiscamanita, Cofete, Morro Jable, Caleta de Fuste and Puerto del Rosario.

What is the festival of San Juan like?.

The festival of San Juan usually lasts several days and in it you can find all kinds of entertainment activities, both for children and adults, each municipality usually has a program of festivities where you can see all the activities. There are, games, musical performances, festivals, traditional meals, concerts and most importantly of these festivals, the bonfire, fireworks and the night swim in the sea.

During the day several games and parties are usually held, in some coastal areas there are usually many events on the local beach.

The bonfires on the Night of San Juan.

At the end of the day, at dusk, the bonfires that have been prepared by the local groups are lit, they gather around them to enjoy the spectacle of the flames, some play games such as the jump of the flames, something dangerous only for the most Reckless that sometimes ends with burn injuries, in important events these bonfires are usually watched by the local Police and Civil Protection that does not allow these games because they are very dangerous, overconfidence and alcohol are often very bad allies.

The tradition of fireworks at night.

The fireworks pyrotechnics is one of the most anticipated moments for everyone, after the bonfire a whole range of explosions and lights of the fireworks is usually displayed, this delights the view of the attendees, specialized companies are those that lead to after carrying out this delicate and dangerous activity, they are hired by the local councils for these purposes.

Swim in the sea on the Night of San Juan.

If fire and bonfires are important on the Night of San Juan, the tradition of night swimming in the sea is no less important, a tradition that purifies the souls of the most superstitious, in this way you can steal and continue the year with a good Karma.

Mosquito Color Fest in Fuerteventura

The Mosquito Color Fest.

The most colorful festival in Fuerteventura is a party that takes place in the town of Tejuate, which is a few kilometers from the island’s capital Puerto del Rosario.

The party lasts all day, it is like a meeting or festival in which several things can be highlighted:

Public of this Festival.

Its main audience is young, dynamic and energetic people, it is a festival in which a large number of people gather.

Music at the Color Festival.

It is based on live music and DJs, among which we can highlight Grupo Kandela and the DJs Ivan & Basi, Dsua Illman, Ricardo Araujo who performed in the 2018 edition, each year they improve  with more groups and DJs.

What are Colors?.

The highlight of this festival are the colors, we will explain it to you, every hour there is an explosion of colors, attendees are bombarded with powders of all colors, everyone ends up smeared from top to bottom with a rainbow of colors, Holi powders, This powder is made from cornstarch or cornstarch with vegetable dyes, it is totally harmless, it is usually used in food and is not polluting, the organization also distributes bags with these colors so that festival goers can throw colored powders at each other.

Without a doubt, the Mosquito Color Fest is a festival that leaves no one indifferent and will be an unforgettable experience when you visit it.

Fantastic explanation of the behavior of our leaders, “those who work for and for the people …” divide and you can manipulate.

Taifa dance

Taifa dance in Fuerteventura. (Baile de Taifas).

The celebration of the Great Dance of Taifas is celebrated in Fuerteventura in the month of May, on the maritime avenue of the island’s capital Puerto del Rosario.

This festival is part of those that celebrate the Canary Islands Day, and its highlight is the Great Baile de Taifas in which a large number of people dress in the traditional costumes of the Canary Islands and especially Fuerteventura, this festival pays tribute to the ethnography and history of the Canary Islands.

Where is the Taifa Ball celebrated?

The participants attend a massive meeting, without a doubt the most important one on the island is on the «Avd. Kings of Spain »of the island’s capital, Puerto del Rosario, in this event some 300 tables are set up with a visit of approximately 9,000 thousand people, although many other municipalities on the island also celebrate their own Great Taifa Dance, Among them, highlighting the one in Antigua in the center of the island, this meeting serves so that visitors can enjoy musical performances, dance, eat, drink and enjoy the cordial island spirit among family and friends.

Taifa dance clothing.

Emphasizing the importance of clothing in this event, they will make available information on the type of clothing and the correct way to confine it, this point is so important that, in the case of the festivities held in Puerto del Rosario, the Cabildo de Fuerteventura awards prizes to the best dressed participants, these prizes will be awarded to the best traditional male, female and couples clothing.

Taifa Dance Food.

One of the key parts of this festival is the traditions of the island, gastronomy is an indispensable part of this traditional festival, the most experienced men and women with cookers delight visitors with delicious dishes of traditional food such as the cauldrons of sancocho, stewed goat meat, wrinkled potatoes, trays with baked bread and tasty tomatoes, along with the best traditional cheeses, also highlighting the drink that highlights the delicious island wines.

Dances and music of Fuerteventura.

Another part to highlight is the traditional music and dance, the local people delight us with Folías, isas, siguidillas, polkas, which are highly valued here as they rescue and maintain folklore and the best traditional music on the island and are a part essential in this event. In the case of the celebrations of the Great Dance of Taifas in Antigua, these are some of the parade’s that participate are, the local parade’s Centro de Mayores de Antigua, El Campillo, Mafasca and Montejanana, will share the stage with groups that visit us from neighboring islands such as the El Puntal de Arucas and El Volumen de Telde parrandas.

We recommend that you do not miss the next edition of this traditional party, where you can learn a little more about the history and culture of the Canary Islands, we hope to see you at the Great Dance of Taifas in Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura Music Festival (FEM)

What is Fuerteventura in Music?.

This event is a music festival that takes place on La Concha beach, in El Cotillo, municipality of La Oliva, the month of July is the date chosen for this display of music.

Undoubtedly one of the main attractions of this festival is its location, the beautiful La Concha beach, a heavenly place where a large stage is installed on the beach sand.

This festival usually lasts 2 days and both in part of the day and especially at night there are a large number of singers and music groups offering their songs to the public, the schedule of performances is usually from 20:00 in the afternoon to  approximately 0400 in the morning, you can check the program to see the schedule in which each musical group performs.

Music of Fuerteventura in Music.

Note that this event has given importance at the time to ethnic, multicultural or African-rooted rhythms, in recent editions it continues along this line although it also makes an important commitment to local and national talent as a priority, although there is always great number of foreign participants on the billboard.

The DJs also have a leading role in this Festival, they take on many of the festival’s performance hours, delighting the attendees with their mixes of the best dance music.

Here is a sample of some of the participants in the 2019 Fuerteventura in Music card:

Sirinoque Folk

Kyekyeky & Ghanalogue

Wizard of Oz

Natty jean

Ghetto Kumbé

Non Trubada

Tin Can

London Afrobeat

The neighbors of the Alley

Sexy Chocolate


DJ Meneo

DJ Benas

El Cotillo and Fuerteventura in Music.

El Cotillo is a small town located in the Northeast point of Fuerteventura, it is usually a quiet and sparsely populated town, in recent years they have built some hotels and buildings but it is still famous for its tranquility, in addition to its incredible beaches, Fuerteventura en Música is an important opportunity to energize the town and help its local economy and businesses, thanks to the large number of visitors who come to the event.

The event takes into account that El Cotillo is somewhat far away and that is why it offers a special public transport service to respond to the large number of visitors who do not have their own vehicle, we leave you a sample of the schedule in 2019, ask for information for this year.

Fuerteventura in Music cares for the environment.

Another aspect to highlight in Fuerteventura in Music is its commitment to the environment, trying to protect as much as possible the beautiful place where the festival is held, for this there are some reference guides for the behavior of the attendees, with some rules basic that help to give an example that how to have fun and at the same time protect the environment, here is a sample of these tips.

This music festival has to be part of your agenda, you cannot miss it, you will have guaranteed fun, see you at Fuerteventura en Música.

Insular Craft Fair

Insular Craft Fair in Fuerteventura. (Feria de Artesania).

The Insular Crafts Fair is usually held in the month of May in the town of Antigua, in the center of the island of Fuerteventura.

The creation and organization of this event falls on the Antigua City Council and the Mafasca Collective Foundation with the collaboration of the Fuerteventura Council, the Antigua Local Police and Civil Protection.

What is the Craft Fair like?

The Insular Craft Fair lasts three days, usually coincides with the weekend, this means that the days are Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it is expected that in the course of these three days about 20 thousand people will visit the fair, this has a very positive economic impact both for the inhabitants of Antigua and for the artisans who come to show their creations and sell their products.

In this fair a large number of artisans from different disciplines participate, they can reach 200 registered, these artisans are in a large number on the island of Fuerteventura but the arrival of artisans from all the islands of the Canary archipelago is also important.

Artisans of the Antigua Craft Fair.

The common denominator is this fair is that everyone must be accredited artisans and create their products themselves, no one is accepted to be an intermediary, that is, to buy and sell a product, there are strict controls on registration to ensure that everything offered is created by the craftsman’s hands.

Highlight the wide variety of crafts that you can find at this fair, from the most traditional, with elderly artisans who have learned to make their products with the knowledge transmitted from generation to generation and on their opposite side to young avant-garde artists who create attractive products and innovative with modern materials and techniques.

At the Insular Crafts Fair you can also enjoy live musical performances, tastings of local products and many more activities every day, do not hesitate to ask for the brochure with all the planned activities and their schedule.

Traditionally this fair was held in the center of Antigua, next to the sports areas, but due to the growth in both exhibitors and visitors it has moved to the outskirts of the town of Antigua, currently the last fairs have been located and conditioned to a new location, next to the cheese museum, in the mill of Antigua. In this area there is a lot of space and you can access the stands where the artisans display their creations with more comfort and safety. It also has a large parking area and comfortable accesses so that visitors have a more pleasant day.

Get to the Craft Fair.

The Antigua City Council, from the Department of Tourism, offers free guaguas (buses) departing from the main tourist towns such as Caleta de Fuste, Costa Antigua, Corralejo, Jandía and Costa Calma bound for the fairground, there are many tourists who do not have the possibility of renting a car or a motorcycle to travel to the fair, so with these guaguas (buses) they can do it in comfort and safety.

It is important to know that the buses (buses) to the Fair will have departure in the morning and return in the afternoon and are destined for all the general public, being necessary previously, to request a ticket at the indicated points, such as the Mayor’s Office in Caleta de Fuste or the receptions of collaborating hotels such as Elba Sara in El Castillo, Hotel Costa Tropical in Costa Antigua, Hotel Faro Jandía and the Tourist Offices of Costa Calma and Corralejo, without a doubt the best thing is to go to the reception of your hotel and ask for information.

Whether you reside on the island, or if you visit it during the month of May, it is a must to visit the Insular Craft Fair that is so special and is so consolidated on the island of Fuerteventura.

The Bodaventura.

Fuerteventura Wedding and Events Fair.

1st edition of Bodaventura, the first Wedding and Events Fair in Fuerteventura.

Fuerteventura Wedding and Events Fair, with the organization of the company “E&W Fuerteventura Events and Wedding Planner” and “Sueños de Mónica”.

During the month of March you can enjoy this Fair in the wedding sector, the place chosen for this first edition was the Hotel Boutique Tao Caleta Mar, in the town of Corralejo and with free admission for all attendees.

What Bodaventura offers.

You will be able to find all the services you can dream of for your wedding day, such as, for example, wedding details, props, table decoration, floral decoration, photographers, videographers, drone filming, photometer, poster design, catering, pastry, design of sweet tables, musical performances, dj, animation, this wide network of companies in the wedding sector will be present at this event.

Also highlight the celebration of fashion catwalks for brides, bridesmaids and guests, among other activities.

The Wedding sector in Fuerteventura.

Undoubtedly a unique opportunity to see the most interesting and innovative in this sector, especially interesting for professionals and individuals who want to plan their wedding and especially on the island paradise of Fuerteventura, an island that offers you unique landscapes and locations for this type of celebrations.

This industry opens up for the island the possibility of entering this sector with a strong turnover, it would allow us to have another claim on our island that can take advantage of our pleasant climate, good connections with all of Europe and the modern infrastructures of our tourism sector.

If you want to expand this information we leave you a link to the official website of this event on the island of Fuerteventura.

Visit the official Bodaventura website.

April Fair in Fuerteventura

April Fair on the island (Feria de Abril).

Discover here the April Fair in Fuerteventura, a party that you cannot miss.

The April Fair is a traditional Andalusian festival, in this event you can find the most outstanding Andalusian traditions, dances, music, gastronomy and much more, without a doubt the beauty of this festival and the joy of the Andalusians has made this tradition is exported to the entire Spanish territory, like even our island Fuerteventura, but always with the intention of making a replica as similar as possible to the beautiful original tradition, the lands and the Andalusian people.

Where is the April Fair held?

The April Fair in Fuerteventura lasts approximately 3 days, coinciding with the weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can find a large number of different parties dedicated to the April Fair throughout the island, from the Capital, Puerto del Rosario, in shopping centers throughout the island and in some tourist areas such as Corralejo and Caleta de Fuste.

What is the April Fair like?

It is undoubtedly a magical party, full of color and Andalusian traditions, we can highlight the colorful and lush costumes of women, the main protagonists, the elegance of traditional men’s costumes, music and dance, such as flamenco and its heels , the Spanish guitar accompanied by percussions and clapping, the horse with its riders and carriages, this beautiful animal is indispensable in this party and impossible to forget traditional food and drink, a privilege to be able to enjoy the best of Andalusian gastronomy in Fuerteventura.

Do not miss these festivities in April and visit one of the many celebrations that the island of Fuerteventura offers you at the April Fair.