Arretencos in Fuerteventura.

Reef race in Fuerteventura.

Los Arre-trankos is a famous and fun race that takes place in the island’s capital, Puerto del Rosario, for this event one of the main streets of the capital closes and a large number of people and families come to watch it. Much of  the uniqueness of this event.

What are Arretrancos?.

The Arre-trankos consists of a race of small four-wheeled vehicles, created with all kinds of materials and with a great  imagination, the vehicles are created recreating famous characters such as Batman, Pac-Man, Mario Car or with various fantasies, the participants are disguised to match their vehicles.

The carnival race in Puerto del Rosario.

The test is carried out on a road with a slope through which the participants launch themselves with their vehicles until they reach the end of the hill, the participants have to brake their cars with their feet and control them so as not to leave the road, there are a large number of spectators having fun and laughing enjoying the color, the good humor and the festive atmosphere that is breathed.

Children are undoubtedly the spectators who enjoy and have the most fun during the race.

This holiday usually ends with a party in which all the participants of the race gather together with the spectators to enjoy food and refreshing drinks.

Do not miss this particular holiday, we guarantee that you will laugh a lot and have a great time.

Carnival in Fuerteventura

Carnival festivities in Fuerteventura.

The Fuerteventura Carnival is one of the most anticipated popular festivals, with a great tradition and roots among the Majoreros and local inhabitants, also arouses much interest among the visitors to the island, for tourists it is a spectacle of color, joy and imagination.

When is Carnival celebrated?.

These parties are held once a year and runs between the months of February and March.

You have to take into account that each municipality celebrates its carnivals on different dates, the most outstanding being those of the capital Puerto del Rosario, Tetir, Antigua, Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste, ect …

Each year the Carnival has a different theme, both the scenarios and the costumes tend to be related to this theme, on the other hand there are many traditional celebrations that usually have a free theme.

The main events of the Carnival.

Carnival queen

Street Bands

Gala drag queen

Carnival fun fair rides

Arre-Trankos Race

Archipencos Regatta

Carnival Verbena

Burial of the Sardine

Soon we will expand the information about this event, do not hesitate to ask for information at your reception, the nearest tourist information office, so you will not miss the best of these parties.

Los Archipencos in Fuerteventura

Los Archipencos, regatta in Puerto del Rosario.

Los Archipencos is a celebration included in the Carnivals of Puerto del Rosario and is usually celebrated on the maritime avenue in February, from the pier ramp to the Pozo beach in the capital.

Archipencos meaning or definition.

The name Archipenco means «Hydrodynamic  Gadget Powered By Non-polluting Energy» the idea of ​​this event came from a carnival group of friends called «Así andamos» and this event already has a tradition of more than 23 years.

What to see in the Archipencos regatta?

The uniqueness of this party is that it is a horse ride but in the sea and its participants do it in boats made mostly of recycled materials and move by manual force, with oars or some invention, without a motor.

Thousands of spectators gather on the beach of Puerto del Rosario so as not to miss this show of color and imagination, the spectators crowd on the maritime avenue and on the rocks of the breakwaters trying to find a good position so as not to lose any detail of floating gadgets.

The journey that the boats have to travel can last more or less an hour, it begins at the dock ramp that is the exit and ends at Los Pozos beach.

Participate how do I sign up to the Archipencos?

To participate in this event you must go to the town hall to register, groups of friends sign up and under a series of rules, they build fun boats, these must be taken that day to the dock ramp area and from there they sail the coastline delighting the spectators, moments of fun for children and adults who will enjoy lots of laughter and fun.

Do not miss this day in the next carnivals, it will be a fun and unforgettable day full of magical moments.

Fuerteventura busline – Line nº111

Bus Line nº111 in Fuerteventura from Morro Jable to Cofete.

This bus line (bus) begins its journey in the capital of Morro Jable and ends its journey in the town of Cofete. This line runs along the coast of the island of Fuerteventura, you can enjoy the scenery part of Fuerteventura.

We give a list of locations that may go along these lines:

Morro Jable > Cofete > Punta Jandia.

Feel free to enjoy this line of bus services in Fuerteventura

Time of travel of the bus line, you can confirm an update from this timetable on the official website of the bus line TIADHE.COM and you can also download this timetable in PDF.

More information about transport timetable.

Discover Fuerteventura Off Road

Motorcycles, cars, buggies and quads, these vehicles prepared to circulate off-road, on dirt tracks, allow you to discover the wildest part of the island.

Fuerteventura has a wide network of dirt roads, almost more than asphalt, these dirt tracks allow you to reach the most famous beaches and places on the island.

You can find many companies that specialize in tours and excursions on this network of dirt roads that decorate the desert landscapes of the island, this is one of the activities most demanded by tourists who visit the island.

The tranquility and open spaces, this is something that travelers who want to explore the island fall in love with, these landscapes surprise you much more when you discover the island in its most deserted and uninhabited part.

Car rental in Fuerteventura

You have a large number of companies in Fuerteventura that allow you to rent a car on the island for your holidays.

What car are you looking for? Cars, sports, family, 4×4, car hires have a wide range of vehicles that can be adapted to your needs.

In 2 or 3 days you can go all over the island and explore it calmly, enjoying its good and modern roads and low traffic, if you want to spend time on the beaches you will discover and eat in the restaurants of their localities you will rent the car for more days.

Motorcycle rental in Fuerteventura

The island of Fuerteventura is a paradise for motorbikes, good roads, good weather, sun without rain, fantastic cuisine, tranquility and little traffic.

It has many shops that offer you the rental of all types of motorcycles, scooters and motorcycles, from 125cc to 1000cc of displacement.

All the tourist areas of the island, Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste, Costa Calma and Morro Jable have motorcycle rental shops, check with their reception, they will surely give you information.

International Kite Festival in Fuerteventura

Spectacle of kite flying in the dunes of Corralejo

The Fuerteventura Kite Festival is an event of great interest and of incredible beauty, it settled firmly in Fuerteventura, gathering an audience since 1987, a large number of faithful participants and visitors visit the Burro Beach on the month of November, when this event is usually held and usually lasts for three days and usually coincides with the weekend for the enjoyment of tourists and locals can visit on their days of rest, an event on the island, especially for children.

Many foreigners who come together as a family to enjoy sun, golden sand dunes of Corralejo and the trade winds that gives them excellent conditions to practice this beautiful hobby, hundreds of kites of all shapes and sizes you can imagine across the sky, its myriad of colors contrast with the soft blue sky of Fuerteventura.

In recent editions an exhibition is usually held together in the shell beach in El Cotillo on the day before the official opening in Corralejo, in these days of the event you can enjoy a number of activities organized and usually have a program that you can consult, the highlights are a display of acrobatics and static kites, traditional kites fighting Rokkakus, theres a workshop for children attending, and an exhibition night and many more surprises.

We look forward to see you in the town of Oliva in Fuerteventura to enjoy this spectacle of shapes and colors.

Castle from El Tostón

Fuerteventura fortifications, El Tostón Castle in Cotillo

*Fortifications in Canary Islands
The history of castles and defensive towers in Canary Islands began during the fifteenth century, when the Kingdom of Castile conquered the islands and they became a bastion against Berber (North African), French and British pirates that thereatened the coast constatly.

*The ancient Puerto de El Tostón, El Cotillo
After the conquest, El Cotillo became a significant trading port for archil, cereals and livestock. This berth went under the name of Puerto del Roque since 1599. In 1626 it was named Puerto del Tostón, and by the middle of the twentieth century it became “El Cotillo”, which is its present name.

*The history of an emblematic tower
The conquer Jean de Bethencourt built th Castillo de Risco Roque in the early years of colonization, a fortification to protect the ships in the harbour against the pirate attacks. The present tower was built on the ruins of the original structure, and this commission was built on the ruins of the original structure, and this commission was given to the engineer Claudio de L,Isle by the General Captain of Canary Islands. The building work started in 1700 under the denomination of Torre de Ntra. Sra. del Pilar y San Miguel.

*The building work
The building is made of stone from a stone quarry close to el Cotillo. It has circular ground plant, a stone stair and drawbridge. There is a way down to the arsenal at the left of the entry and a way up to las losas, an area of level ground, at the right. Three iron canions defended the coast, and the tower could provide accommodation for a garrison of twelve men.

*La Torre de El Tostón nowadays
La Torre de El Tostón, was declared a historic monument in 1949 and it is an important element in the cultural heritage of the island of Fuerteventura.
Nowadays it has turned into a space for history and culture promotion for the population of Fuerteventura. It hosts contemporary art exhibitions, as well as a tourism office and a viewpoint over the white sand beaches of El Cotillo, which is one of the main tourism resorts in Fuerteventura.