Fuerteventura bus – Line nº08

Bus Line nº08 in Fuerteventura from Corralejo to Cotillo.

This bus line (bus) begins its journey in thel station of Corralejo in the harbour and heads south of the island by the FV-101, FV-10, and ends its journey in the small town of el Cotillo. This line runs through the center of the island of Fuerteventura, you will see the village of La Oliva and reach the village of El Cotillo, famous for its incredible beaches of golden sand.

We give a list of locations that may go along these lines:

Corralejo > Villaverde > La Oliva > Lajares > El Roque > El Cotillo.

Feel free to enjoy this line of bus services in Fuerteventura

Time of travel of the bus line, you can confirm an update from this timetable on the official website of the bus line TIADHE.COM and you can also download this timetable in PDF.

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