Fuerteventura busline – Line nº12

Bus Line nº12 in Fuerteventura from Gran Tarajal to Las Playitas.

Here is a line that runs almost the entire island of Fuerteventura, a great way to plan your excursions on the island, an inexpensive and quiet around the island on holiday.

This bus line (bus) begins its journey in Gran Tarajal and heads to Las Playitas by the FV-512, this is the road to the coast of Fuerteventura, you can discover the small fishing village of little beaches along with its Resort modern sports facilities.

Le damos una relación de las localidades a las que podra ir en esta línea:

Gran Tarajal > Centro de Salud > Las Playitas.

Feel free to enjoy this line of bus services in Fuerteventura

Time of travel of the bus line, you can confirm an update from this timetable on the official website of the bus line TIADHE.COM and you can also download this timetable in PDF.

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