Night of San Juan in Fuerteventura

The Night of San Juan in Fuerteventura.

The feast of the Night of San Juan is celebrated at the end of June, when the summer solstice arrives, the celebration of this well-known and traditional festival is a must.

Where is the feast of Saint Juan celebrated?.

On the island of Fuerteventura there are some towns that celebrate these holidays with special events, such as Pozo Negro, which usually has an extensive program for several days, these are the towns where they usually celebrate these holidays each year with a wide repertoire activities for several days, we highlight, Pozo Negro, El Matorral, Tiscamanita, Cofete, Morro Jable, Caleta de Fuste and Puerto del Rosario.

What is the festival of San Juan like?.

The festival of San Juan usually lasts several days and in it you can find all kinds of entertainment activities, both for children and adults, each municipality usually has a program of festivities where you can see all the activities. There are, games, musical performances, festivals, traditional meals, concerts and most importantly of these festivals, the bonfire, fireworks and the night swim in the sea.

During the day several games and parties are usually held, in some coastal areas there are usually many events on the local beach.

The bonfires on the Night of San Juan.

At the end of the day, at dusk, the bonfires that have been prepared by the local groups are lit, they gather around them to enjoy the spectacle of the flames, some play games such as the jump of the flames, something dangerous only for the most Reckless that sometimes ends with burn injuries, in important events these bonfires are usually watched by the local Police and Civil Protection that does not allow these games because they are very dangerous, overconfidence and alcohol are often very bad allies.

The tradition of fireworks at night.

The fireworks pyrotechnics is one of the most anticipated moments for everyone, after the bonfire a whole range of explosions and lights of the fireworks is usually displayed, this delights the view of the attendees, specialized companies are those that lead to after carrying out this delicate and dangerous activity, they are hired by the local councils for these purposes.

Swim in the sea on the Night of San Juan.

If fire and bonfires are important on the Night of San Juan, the tradition of night swimming in the sea is no less important, a tradition that purifies the souls of the most superstitious, in this way you can steal and continue the year with a good Karma.