Youth Week – (La Semana de la Juventud)

Youth Week party in Gran Tarajal

What is and how long is Youth week? 

The Youth Week festivities take place in the town of Gran Tarajal during the month of August and last approximately 10 days, it is the summer event par excellence for local youngsters, it has an Organizing Commission made up of 27 young people aged between 15 and 30 years. 

These festivals have a history of more than 44 years in the municipality of Tuineje and for three weeks, the town of Gran Tarajal will be the epicenter of a multitude of activities for people of all ages. 

The political representatives of this event say, “The important part of this edition is the youngsters, we listen to their needs and we support them in these three weeks full of activities designed for all ages.” 

Activities of  Youth Week. 

The events of the Youth Week begin with the traditional “Subida al Repetidor” race, a night Trail that has more and more participants. This test has a starting gun on the beach of Gran Tarajal and represents the first activity of the Week. 

Workshops, sports competitions, beach games, informative talks, costume festival, soccer between single and married women, and the traditional cholimpiadas, are just some of the activities that can be enjoyed these days, most of these events are done on the beach and on the maritime avenue. 

There are many events this week but without a doubt “Las Cholimpiadas del Mundo” has become one of the most massive events of the week. The crossing to Nado, the Pop Rock and Blues Festival, Cinema, the Special Day, the election of Miss and Mister Week etc., are some of the most important events without forgetting the sports part, soccer, Canarian bowls , swimming, racing etc. 

Music and concerts in  Youth Week. 

Some acts are Pop Night, which have been attended by groups such as Guineo Colectivo and Sentimiento con Arte, which are held at the end of August 

Also at the end of August the Summer Sound Festival 2019 will take place with some performances in previous editions such as Ariann, Vamos y la liamos, La Sonrisa del Guirre, Los 600, Mejor con copas, Eme & Withard and Pedro Cabrera. This is a concert that takes place on the sand of the Gran Tarajal beach with a large influx of public. 

Map of the Town of Gran Tarajal

This is the town of Gran Tarajal where these fantastic and fun Youth Week parties are held

Who organizes these Gran Tarajal festivals? 

It should be noted the wide program of activities designed by the Department of Celebrations of the Tuineje City Council in collaboration with the Youth Week Commission. It should be noted that the Cabildo supports the XLIII Gran Tarajal Youth Week with more than 10,000 euros 

Within the framework of the Gran Tarajal Youth Week, it is planned that the International Labor Camp will be launched during the month of August. A total of 20 young people from various corners of the world can attend this initiative; they will go to the municipality of Tuineje with one objective: “Their mission will be to collaborate in the organization and participate in the development of some workshops that we bring your customs and traditions closer. Young people come from all over the world, countries as diverse as China, Armenia, Germany, Holland and England, as well as Spain attract these young people to enjoy this experience and unforgettable experiences. 

Here is the link to the Gran Tarajal Youth Week Facebook page 

Those interested in participating in any of the events or simply to help in the organization can go to the House of Culture of Gran Tarajal or call 928 162449.