Los Archipencos in Fuerteventura

Los Archipencos, regatta in Puerto del Rosario.

Los Archipencos is a celebration included in the Carnivals of Puerto del Rosario and is usually celebrated on the maritime avenue in February, from the pier ramp to the Pozo beach in the capital.

Archipencos meaning or definition.

The name Archipenco means «Hydrodynamic  Gadget Powered By Non-polluting Energy» the idea of ​​this event came from a carnival group of friends called «Así andamos» and this event already has a tradition of more than 23 years.

What to see in the Archipencos regatta?

The uniqueness of this party is that it is a horse ride but in the sea and its participants do it in boats made mostly of recycled materials and move by manual force, with oars or some invention, without a motor.

Thousands of spectators gather on the beach of Puerto del Rosario so as not to miss this show of color and imagination, the spectators crowd on the maritime avenue and on the rocks of the breakwaters trying to find a good position so as not to lose any detail of floating gadgets.

The journey that the boats have to travel can last more or less an hour, it begins at the dock ramp that is the exit and ends at Los Pozos beach.

Participate how do I sign up to the Archipencos?

To participate in this event you must go to the town hall to register, groups of friends sign up and under a series of rules, they build fun boats, these must be taken that day to the dock ramp area and from there they sail the coastline delighting the spectators, moments of fun for children and adults who will enjoy lots of laughter and fun.

Do not miss this day in the next carnivals, it will be a fun and unforgettable day full of magical moments.