Arretencos in Fuerteventura.

Reef race in Fuerteventura.

Los Arre-trankos is a famous and fun race that takes place in the island’s capital, Puerto del Rosario, for this event one of the main streets of the capital closes and a large number of people and families come to watch it. Much of  the uniqueness of this event.

What are Arretrancos?.

The Arre-trankos consists of a race of small four-wheeled vehicles, created with all kinds of materials and with a great  imagination, the vehicles are created recreating famous characters such as Batman, Pac-Man, Mario Car or with various fantasies, the participants are disguised to match their vehicles.

The carnival race in Puerto del Rosario.

The test is carried out on a road with a slope through which the participants launch themselves with their vehicles until they reach the end of the hill, the participants have to brake their cars with their feet and control them so as not to leave the road, there are a large number of spectators having fun and laughing enjoying the color, the good humor and the festive atmosphere that is breathed.

Children are undoubtedly the spectators who enjoy and have the most fun during the race.

This holiday usually ends with a party in which all the participants of the race gather together with the spectators to enjoy food and refreshing drinks.

Do not miss this particular holiday, we guarantee that you will laugh a lot and have a great time.