Corralejo town


The area of Corralejo is located on the northwestern tip of the island, is the area closest to the island of Lanzarote and in between the two is the small island of Lobos. Average distance to the capital 25Km and airport  30 km.

*Description of the Area

The town of Corralejo has 3 distinct areas:

1° The final part of town that borders the north by the sea, is a mix between commercial and sport spring with a lot of streets with residential buildings, shops and the old, much hustle and little parking.

2° Upon exiting south on main street which is full of shops, we headed to a more spacious and comfortable Corralejo, mostly find hotels and apartments.

3° This is the newer and growing is mainly residential, although we can find some apartments and villas for tourist accommodation. We can visit in the central and the municipal swimming pool area with different walking trails and lookouts with views of Corralejo and Isla de Lobos.

*Facilities in the area

The area has experienced tremendous growth the short time it makes its facilities are modern, comfortable and well-marked roads for driving, a vast hotel with all kinds of supply, small apartments, bungalows, hotels ***** , private villas, spacious avenues with pedestrian and bicycle paths, marina, and all types of commercial leisure facilities, shopping centers, water park, wide beaches, parks, museums, in short everything you need to enjoy a holiday both families or couples without leaving Corralejo.

* Beach area

All are along the coast of the town of Corralejo, in the village, are some of these beaches that can be highlighted, which is a small spring in a wider boy and a little further south. The two beaches are perfect for children, are in the bay of Corralejo and have very calm waters and shallow areas, some of which are surrounded by a large number of terraces and bars where food or refreshments.
The place is a paradise, there is very broad and intimate parts used by naturists, many tourists take advantage of a small stone walls in a horseshoe to protect them from the prevailing winds in the area, many of the areas but the distinction comcurridas for the large number of cars there is usually parked in the road marjenes undoubtedly one of the most beautiful beach area of Fuerteventura.

*History of Corralejo

Corralejo grew as a fishing village, but was absorbed by the rapid growth of the tourism industry in Fuerteventura, we have a small old town with a small spring that have been restored and has a large number of restaurants and terraces.

*Places of interest

There are many attractions to visit in the area, try to give here a summary of the most important or outstanding:

-.Isla de Lobos:

As a small islet called Isla de Lobos is among Fuerteventursa and lanzarote, can only be reached by small boats. Perfect for hiking or enjoy a day of total relaxation, there is a wide range of small boats that can desplasarle to this island, he let a time to walk and bring him back.

-.Dunas Natural Park:

Leaving Corralejo southward by the coast road, cross the Natural Park of Corralejo (Corralejo Dunes), a wide expanse of dunes where you can take long walks, walking the desert landscape, (you can see in detail browse this Google map) in the coastal area there are a lot of beaches and bathing areas, the end is the Red Mountain (314mt), you can find a signposted access from a sandy ravine up next and enjoy incredible views.

-.Spring sport and commercial:

The visit is almost obligatory in the marina, a walk through the area with a wide avenue, at the end come into the commercial dock where you can enjoy two ferries travel the route between Corralejo (Fuerteventura) and Playa Blanca (Lanzarote) also find many small boats that can take you to Isla de Lobos.

-.Old Town:

Many streets are the old town of Corralejo, this area is pedestrian only and is closed to car traffic in the area has plenty of restaurants and terraces for relaxing any time of day, has a small beach where being able to bath. This area has been restored recently, rejuvenating and making it more comfortable to ride, both day and night is a great place to visit.

-.Ride the mini train:

In the main street of Corralejo is the main stop of the Mini Train, in turn may give Corralejo.


It has a comfortable avenue rrecorre the old town, follows the commercial dock and after sporting admire the stunning views of Isla de Lobos and neighboring Lanzarote, there are usually young birds practicing patrolling the south coast, where final section, in the northern part of Corralejo stand enormous mills eolica Energia supplying electricity to the sewage in the area.


Pondra enjoy some shopping for crafts and souvenirs in the market of Corralejo, check with the reception of the hotel to find the location and time.

-.The Marina

The almost obligatory visit the marina is a pleasant stroll, day or night, an area with a friendly atmosphere, stunning views and a wide range of entertainment, water sports of all kinds, guided tours and many terraces and restaurants.


The area has a large business, especially highlighting the cuisine with a large number of restaurants offering all kinds of Mexican, Italian, Portuguese, Indian, Chinese, etc …. and of course the Canary Islands, in some find the best fish, very fresh and tasty. It also has many shopping centers scattered throughout the area of ??Corralejo, highlighting The Belfry Shopping Centre, one of the newest and most modern in the supermarket will enjoy a very good price, trendy shops, restaurants and convenient parking.

We have fun touring the area of ??Corralejo in Fuerteventura, Calle Nuestra Señora del Carmen is one of the most commercially important, it proved necessary can find everything for your holiday shopping, do not stop exploring deve internal alleys where you can Interesting find many shops and enjoy a different form of a walk around the area and we can not forget the old town area that occupies a large area of ??the northeastern part of Corralejo and ends in the spring bque business and sports, to explore this area will discover lots of other shops and retaurantes, finally we can recommend the newer part of Corralejo or near the local soccer field where some businesses have accumulated an with attractive offers. Note that is a very safe area and not fear deve explore their territory if any fear at any time may request the help of local people to orient themselves, are very friendly and are accustomed to comvivir daily with tourists in the streets.


Undoubtedly the best way to get around is on foot Corralejo is a small area, safe and everything is relatively close, if not wanting to walk, without a doubt the best option is a taxi, their prices are very cheap and usually for short distances with a call from the receptionist will collect in a few minutes and will take you to wherever you want, Corralejo also has a free bus service that offers you dispocicion a hotel chain in the area and that this realisando Corralejo tours throughout the day, may better inform the reception of your hotel, for longer distances have the option of public bus, which has a very low cost, the line most used is the LINE 6 to take him to the capital of Fuertteventura, Puerto del Rosario, from here you can make connections to any part of the island with other lines. To end the most interesting option in our opinion is to rent a car in the lot RENT A CAR – CAR HIRE at its disposal on the island, although this is the most expensive option of all, will give the best advantages to being able to move with total liverta the area of ??Corralejo and the island of Fuerteventura, driving here is REALLY EASY, the roads are new and comfortable and is easy to orient, in addition features our free road map WWW.MYGUIDE.ES, in her will very easy to organize your move.


Here you can find an updated map of the area, is sure to help you find what you are looking for or discover new things in the area of Corralejo.

When you get to Fuerteventura you will be able to find free maps Included on one side of A2 paper is an extensive map of Fuerteventura and on the other side of the urban street major tourist and a selection of the best shops in the area and the best is that they are free. When on holiday trust MyGuide.We hope you enjoy the most of your visit!


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