Caleta de Fuste town (El Castillo)

* Location

The area of ​​Caleta de Fuste is located in the central part of the island on the east coast. Is a strategic point for exploring the island as it is very easy to plan routes to the North, South or Central on the island. Average distance to the capital is 12km and the airport is 6km.

* Facilities in the area:

The area has experienced tremendous growth in a short time, which makes its facilities more modern.

Comfortable well-marked roads and easy driving. In addition, there is a vast hotels with all kinds of deals: small apartments, bungalows, hotels *****, private villas, spacious avenues with pedestrian and
cycle lanes, a spa, and a marina with all types of leisure facilities, shopping malls, wide beaches, museums and championship golf courses with 18 holes … In short everything you need to enjoy a holiday as a family or couple and without leaving Caleta de Fuste.

* Beach area:

There are 2 beach areas in Caleta de Fuste, the first being the oldest. It is located right in the northern part of the coast of Caleta and under the shelter of the marina. Has a horseshoe shape bay
and sometimes has renewed its imported sand from places like the Sahara.

As a curiosity, we expect an ambitious project for upgrading and modernization to expand and enhance its surroundings.

* Location

Already, the beach of Caleta de Fuste is wide and very comfortable with all facilities, pedestrian walkway, showers and toilets, playground, beach bars, terraces, restaurants, hammocks and parasols
(fees )…, the calm waters invite you to the bathe and have fun in, total safety for children in the family

Enjoy the sun, heat and crystal clear waters to cool off! Even until the evening you can enjoy pleasant walks as it is lit.

The second area of ​​Caleta de Fuste beach (Atlantico Center), we have located a bit further south and is completely artificial.

Before it was a large area of ​​rocks to make several luxury hotels and a large shopping mall, the project included a beach. The result was excellent: comfortable facilities reported several beaches dotted with small islands with wooden bridges, and even one of these islands has a restaurant with terraces. In the outer ring is a breakwater making it very comfortable and safe beach for swimming. It has hammocks and parasols (extra charge) and a broad boulevard with convenient parking and access. Enjoy no doubt an excellent day at the beach, relax, sunbathe and swim in the sea.

* History of the Castle

This fort was called San Buenaventura Tower or Castle of Caleta de Fuste. It was designed by the architect Claudio de L’Isle and was built in the eighteenth century. Located in the Marina area, within the facilities of the Barcelo Club El Castillo. The reason for its construction was to protect this area from the coast, which as its name suggests is a cove with calm waters and easy access for boats and a significant importance for navigation and supplies in this area.

The tower is circular figure, built of stone and robustness. Access to the fort is by a stone staircase, and leaned drawbridge quicialeras turning on the door, closing the access and leaving the isolated tower. Currently there is a replica of this fort at the entrance to the Castillo, (at the first roundabout coming from North).

* Places of interest

There are many interesting places to visit in the area, trying to give you a summary of the most important or outstanding:


Enjoy the market on Saturday mornings from 9:00 to 13:00 hours. Here you can find all kinds of crafts, fashion, textile and miscellaneous services.


On the beach cove there are usually several camels which you can ride through the area.

-.The squirrels on the Avenue

In many parts of the promenade between the area of ​​Costa Caleta de Fuste and old can find fun squirrels that come to meet you in search of food. The best area is right on arrival in Caleta de Fuste (next to the post office). These squirrels were introduced by a merchant in 1965. He escaped a pair of these squirrels in Gran Tarajal Moorish and soon adapted and colonized virtually the entire island. They eat snails, herbs and grains. They are not a threat to agriculture as originally thought.

If you decide to take a stroll down the avenue you can feed them and will delight the youngest of the family.

-.Feeding the Fishes

Right on the street (in front of Hotel Elba Sara ****) is a small artificial sea inlet. Here you will find a large number of “mullet” very common fish in the area who love the bread. It will be fun, especially for the smallest of the family as to throw the bread to form huge groups of fish. You can also do the same on the beach where there are small fish patrolling in search of food, from the shore or from one of the bridges you can throw bread and see large groups of fish, mullet and other varieties form.

-.Up the hill and admire the view

From the top of the hill, called the White Mountain, at an altitude of 192 mt, you can have a wonderful view of the entire area of ​​Caleta de Fuste, it is better to go by car, walking can be exhausting.

-.The mini train ride

On the Marina is the main stop of the Mini Train. From 9:30 am until 6:30 pm or so, makes the trip from the marina to the middle of the mountain and has a large number of stops along the route indicated by signs.

It can be considered as an interesting option for a visit to the area and go all the way for a very affordable price.

-.The Marina

The almost obligatory visit the marina is a pleasant stroll, day or night, an area with a friendly atmosphere, stunning views and a wide range of entertainment, water sports of all kinds, guided tours and many terraces and restaurants.

-.Walk along the avenue

It has a long avenue, about 5 km away to take you from Costa Antigua (Nuevo Horizonte) to the Hotel Elba Sara. A perfect ride both on foot and by bicycle because you can enjoy beautiful landscapes, monuments, beaches, terraces and much more. … Also has many small roads that cover the whole population.

-.Salt Museum

About 2 km along the coast, heading south, we find the Museo de la Sal, one of the most visited museum network on the island of Fuerteventura, in the way you can discover the extraction of salt and commercial importance in the old economy of the island.

* Shops

The area has a large business, especially highlighting the cuisine with a large number of restaurants offering all types: Mexican, Italian, Portuguese, Indian, Chinese, etc. … And of course Canarian. In some you can find the best fish, very fresh and tasty. It also has many shopping centers scattered around the area of ​​Caleta de Fuste, highlighting the Atlantico Center, one of the newest and most modern in the enjoyment of a supermarket with good prices, trendy shops, restaurants, cinemas, bowling and convenient parking. You can have fun exploring the area of Caleta de Fuste in Fuerteventura and enjoy the various shops.

* Transport

Undoubtedly the best way to get around Caleta de Fuste is walking, its a small area, safe and everything is relatively close. In case of not wanting to walk, without a doubt the best option is the taxi. Their prices are very economical for short distances and usually with a collect call from the receptionist in a few minutes and can take you to where you want, also in Caleta de Fuste has a free shuttle bus offers a hotel chain in the area and Caleta is doing tours throughout the day. You can learn more at the front desk of your hotel.

For longer distances have the option of public bus, which has a very low cost. The most used line is line 3 which takes you to the Fuertteventura capital, Puerto del Rosario. From here you can make connections to any part of the island with other lines.

Finally the most interesting in our opinion is to rent a car RENT A CAR many of which have on the island. Although obviously this may be the most expensive option of all, will give the best advantages to being able to move freely through the area of ​​Caleta de Fuste and the island of Fuerteventura. Driving here is easy because the roads are new and comfortable. It is easy to navigate and also has our WWW.MYGUIDE.ES free road map. With it you can easily organize your travel.

* Name

The area has been renamed several times, may be known as Caleta de uste, Costa Caleta or El Castillo but the most popular and widely used is the Caleta de Fuste.

* Map

Here you will find an updated map of the area. Sure it will help you find what you are looking for or discover new things in the area of ​​Caleta de Fuste.

When you get to Fuerteventura you will be able to find free maps Included on one side of A2 paper is an extensive map of Fuerteventura and on the other side of the urban street major tourist and a selection of the best shops in the area and the best is that they are free. When on holiday trust MyGuide.We hope you enjoy the most of your visit!


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