Triathlon Ocean Lava in Fuerteventura

Olympic Distance.

There are many editions of the “Ocean Lava Olympic Distance Triathlon Fuerteventura” that takes place over the month of October in the capital of the island of Fuerteventura, Puerto del Rosario

Founder of Ocean Lava.

Kenneth Gasque is the founder of the company «Ocean Lava» that takes over the management of this event and many others, we invite you to visit its website, Ocean Lava.

What is Ocean Lava like?.

This Olympic Distance test has the following parts:

1º A swimming test with a distance of 1.5 km.

2º A bicycle test with a distance of 40 km.

3º A race test with a distance of 10 km.

The first part of the test, which consists of a 1.5 kilometer swim in the sea, starts and ends at Los Pozos beach in the island’s capital of Fuerteventura. buoys that mark the course for swimmers in which they complete the required distance.

The second part of the test, which consists of a 40-kilometer bicycle route, has its start and finish in a conditioned area in the middle of the avenue, just in front of the beach Los Pozos, consisting of a closed park with all the athletes bicycles

The third part of this test, which consists of a 10-kilometer race route, starts and ends at the maritime avenue, a route inside the capital where athletes can complete the required distance to reach the finish line. 

 To expand this information we leave the link to its official website where you will find extensive information about this event.

Ocean Lava Triathlon Fuerteventura