Mosquito Color Fest in Fuerteventura

The Mosquito Color Fest.

The most colorful festival in Fuerteventura is a party that takes place in the town of Tejuate, which is a few kilometers from the island’s capital Puerto del Rosario.

The party lasts all day, it is like a meeting or festival in which several things can be highlighted:

Public of this Festival.

Its main audience is young, dynamic and energetic people, it is a festival in which a large number of people gather.

Music at the Color Festival.

It is based on live music and DJs, among which we can highlight Grupo Kandela and the DJs Ivan & Basi, Dsua Illman, Ricardo Araujo who performed in the 2018 edition, each year they improve  with more groups and DJs.

What are Colors?.

The highlight of this festival are the colors, we will explain it to you, every hour there is an explosion of colors, attendees are bombarded with powders of all colors, everyone ends up smeared from top to bottom with a rainbow of colors, Holi powders, This powder is made from cornstarch or cornstarch with vegetable dyes, it is totally harmless, it is usually used in food and is not polluting, the organization also distributes bags with these colors so that festival goers can throw colored powders at each other.

Without a doubt, the Mosquito Color Fest is a festival that leaves no one indifferent and will be an unforgettable experience when you visit it.

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