Jarubio or Jarugo beach

The fantastic beach of Jarubio or Jarugo in Fuerteventura, each  person recognizes it by one name or another, a beach highly valued by the majoreros as it is quiet, wide and is far from populated areas.

How is the beach of Jarubio or Jarugo?

Jarubio beach is highly appreciated by local people, it is also often visited by surf schools due to its good conditions for apprentices, it is located at the mouth of a ravine, it is very wide and comfortable, it leads quite far towards land forming a small area of dunes covered by vegetation, its sand is golden, safe for swimming because it has a large strip of shallow depth, children can have a lot of fun playing with the waves, but remember that it is the North Sea and should  never trust its currents, on the side cliffs the water has formed small caves where you can find shade and some cool.

Where is the beach of Jarubio or Jarugo in Fuerteventura?

Jarubio beach is located on the west coast of Fuerteventura, the best way to get there is to go first to the town of Tindaya on the FV 10 road, when you arrive you enter the town, when passing the square there is a curve to the right and then a small hill, in this area you must turn left and enter some small streets, it is easy to get confused, at the end you will find a single paved street that leaves the town and soon ends up going to a dirt track junction, turn on the right and follow this track for about 5 km until you reach the sea, there is a curve on the left and go straight for about 3 km and you will find the beach on the right.

Services offered by the Castillo beach

This beach does not have any type of services, it is located in an unpopulated area, a quiet and heavenly place, you will only find some garbage containers at the entrance and an area for parking, the closest town where you can find services is Tindaya 10 km, you can find a small store in the town to buy what you need in case you want to spend the day at the beach.

Google map of the Jarubio or Jarugo beach in Fuerteventura.

Here they have a small cove further south of the main beach, it is easy to get to when the tide is low and you can walk along the coast, you can also go up to a small plateau and go down from there.

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