Alzada Beach

Playa Alzada in the Poris area next to Corralejo is a wonder of nature and a beach paradise where you can enjoy a day by the sea.

How is the Alzada beach?

This beach has a beautiful yellow sand, is coarse and very comfortable for children to play, the beach is not very large, very comfortable for swimming because its shallow at low tide and doubles in size, has plenty of waves because it is open to the north winds.

Where is the Alzada beach in Fuerteventura?

This beach is in the nature of the dunes of Corralejo, on the northwest coast of Fuerteventura, in the north of the island, called Poris beach. To get there head to Corralejo, you should refer to red mountain, after a while you will see the starting line in the area of sand dunes of Corralejo Natural Park, at the end of this line you can see to the right a small parking area bounded by vertical wooden sticks, you will find parking and the beach below the level of the road.

Services offered by the Alzada beach

This beach has few services, particularly in summer there are lifeguards with flags that indicate their safety of the sea state, disabled access ramp and a small parking lot.

Google map of the Castillo beach in Fuerteventura.

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